Estate Planning

The planning of one's estate is something that we consider to be an essential part of financial planning. When we have a clear picture of how you intend for your money to benefit your loved ones and the community, we are better able to counsel you on how to spend, save, and invest over the course of your lifetime.

To safeguard your loved ones, our financial planners collaborate closely with estate planning attorneys and other experts. Wills, health care powers of attorney, financial powers of attorney, living wills, and letters of instruction are the mainstays of most estate planning. Depending on the scope of your estate and your goals for the inheritance, a trust may be an important part of your estate plan.

Leaving a Legacy
We frequently work with families seeking to leave a charitable legacy through donations and gifts. As part of the estate planning process, we advise you on the tax-efficient solutions that will help you reach your objectives. Sometimes presents are intended to be given during one's lifetime, while others are to be given after death. We seek to comprehend your philanthropic goals in order to develop a plan for your wealth that has both significance and longevity.

Emily Sullivan

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Emily Sullivan

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Emily Sullivan is a founding partner of Heritage Law LLP located in Leawood, Kansas. Following years of work as a litigator in "Big Law", Emily transitioned her practice to estate planning and mediation to form more local connections and help people in her community meet their legal needs. Emily lives with her husband and two children in Fairway, Kansas. For more information about Emily's backgorund and experience, please visit: 

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